Fat Protein Lies Hurt Weight Loss, Health and Fitness

Let’s cut to the chase – or confusion – about protein.We’ve been duped. Brainwashed. And now we’re hooked – on meat. But, but, but…don’t we have to eat meat to get our protein?In a word, no.I know. I know. It’s hard to swallow, but it’s the absolute truth.Meat is not your best source of protein. Why? One reason, meat protein comes wrapped with way too much fat and cholesterol. And that translates into extra weight, diseases, and early death. Pretty big reasons if you ask me.After a lifetime of being fed protein lies, it’s tough to think out of the protein box.Let’s give a go, shall we?First, do you have to be a vegetarian to lose weight?Absolutely not. In fact, there’s lots of so-called vegetarians who are overweight. Shoot – you could eat Twinkies all day and proudly proclaim you’re a vegetarian.Forget the label. Just use your common sense and fill up on those foods that give you the most nutrition for your calorie buck. Meat is not one of those foods. If you must, eat it last, after eating the best-for-you foods first – whole fruits, vegetables, grains and beans.Think about it logically here, no emotion.Chicken is 48% fat, beef 67% fat, salmon 48% fat, cheese 73% fat, eggs 62% fat. Tough to lose weight and get your body back with those percentages.Now take a look at our weight warriors and health heroes.Brown rice is 7% fat, apples 4% fat, oranges 2% fat, potatoes 1% fat (no, potatoes aren’t fattening), kidney beans 3% fat. You get the idea.If you really want to lose weight and get healthy, seems like simple math to me to fill up on whole, plant foods. And can they fill you up? Absolutely. Just eat enough until your brains says, “Stop, I’m full!”But besides the fat issue, what about that protein?Oranges couldn’t possibly have enough protein. Oh, yes, they absolutely do. Again, use logic, no emotion.What is protein for? Growth, and a lot of things.When do we grow the most? 0 to 2 years old.What is the best food for 0 to 2 year olds? Breast milk.How much protein does breast milk have? 4.5% protein. The World Health Organization says – not coincidentally – that we need only 4.5% protein in our diets.Well, guess what? Oranges have 8% protein (almost double what we need), Romaine lettuce 35% protein, brown rice 8% protein, broccoli 33% protein. Those numbers speak volumes, without emotion.Is plant protein as good as animal protein? Absolutely – and even better (another story for another time).And you don’t have to believe me. Just look to the smartest source of all for the simple truth – Mother Nature. Where do elephants, cows, giraffes, and horses get their protein for the growth of their great, big, strong muscles? Hamburgers, chicken, fish, or protein bars (a scam cover-up for candy bars)? No. They eat plant foods and not a huge variety at that.If they can eat plant foods for ideal weight, health and fitness, so can you with your relatively little muscles and body.So, do you have to eat meat (or eggs, cheese, or consciously mix and match certain foods) to get your protein? No, not at all.If you want to eat meat, eat it. But remember, it’s a choice, not a necessity. And you are the direct product of your choices. No more lies. Just the simple truth.

With Personal Training Courses Learn to Help Others Achieve Their Health and Fitness Goals

There are lots of different career options that people have in the world, and if you enjoy health and fitness, there are many options. For those who enjoy health, fitness, and sports, then you should look into being a personal trainer. Personal trainers work one on one with clients and people during work outs to get them in top physical condition. Not just athletes use personal trainers, but lots of everyday people looking to get fit use them too. The first thing you need to do is decide if this is for you. Personal trainers need to be patient, a people person, and a great motivator. You will have to work with all kinds of people, lead a healthy lifestyle as a good role model, and being patient and motivating. If this sounds good, then you can look at personal training courses.There are different ways to get your credits and credibility in the personal training field. If you have a fitness club in mind you would want to work at, then you can contact them and ask what they require for their trainers.Investigate and choose a place that is accredited and nationally acclaimed, so you can get a good amount of training. Many personal trainers boost their resumes by getting specific trainings, such as working with people with certain diseases, working with the elderly, and certain exercises.After you have found a way to get your certifications, and you have passed, get a job at a local fitness club. Personal training courses are easy to find and to graduate from, if you are dedicated to the profession.The rest is basically all about the business, and learning how to succeed. If you can, after a few years while working at a club, think about getting your own club or business. This can increase your revenue, and allow you to expand on your own. You can hire other personal trainers, and work to increase your clientele list. Work on becoming popular with your clients, being friendly, and becoming irreplaceable. If they enjoy working with you, then you will more likely to hold on to clients longer.

Career Opportunities in Education

Lots of people are looking for jobs that will help them grow in their career. There are some people who only look forward to earn money while there are others who want to learn more while they work. There are different kinds of industries present in a country.There are few which manufacture a product or service while others are creative and they create something interesting. Among the various industries one of the industries which provide a lot of opportunities is the education industry. Are you looking for career opportunities in education?Education is a field which has lots of things to offer to a person. Other than making people enlightened you can also become enlighten at the same time. There are lots of education employment opportunities available these days. You just need to make sure that you are fit for this line.There are people who love to learn more, perform research and make academics their life. The education industry can be a suitable choice for them. If you are a fresher then you will need some time to prepare yourself for this field.There are lots of career opportunities in education for the fresher as well as for the high level professional. There are certain associations which can help you get the right kind of job. You can look for the job opportunities in education in the internet.There are various job sites which are dedicated only to the education jobs. You will be happy to learn that the education industry is expanding quite rapidly and they are always on the search for new talents. This is the reason why there are chances of lots of people getting recruited in this industry.Other than the public sector the private sector also has a great role in expanding this industry. If you are interested to join the industry then you need to have a capability to teach people and stay in touch with education.Each and every person will agree that without education our society is incomplete and hence it holds the most important place in our society. Each of the community wants to make sure that their children receive proper education so that they can build their own career.Employment opportunities in education are increasing day by day and hence you need not worry about your future. If you can enter the field and perform your job well then you will surely each the top. To get the best career opportunities in education you first need to choose the subject you love.You can proceed with that particular subject and become one of the top professionals of this industry. There are certain companies in the education industry which offer some idealistic goals. Other than this, they also offer certain generous benefits. They also offer competitive salary to the professionals.The employment opportunities available in this industry are quite diverse and there are so many things to do. More companies are being added to the industry which will increase education employment opportunities.